On This Day 12.30.16

On This Day in 2011, Samoa skipped this day in order to move from the Eastern to the Western side of the International Date Line. Same.


On This Day 12.29.16

On This Day in 1919, the American Meteorological Society was founded in St Louis, Missouri. It is the first known gathering of Star Trek fans or “Trekists.”

On This Day in 1930, Fred Newton became the first and only person to swim the length of the Mississippi River. Seriously. It took roughly six months to cover the 1,826 miles from Minnesota to New Orleans. He was in the water for 742 hours. He was protected from the cold water by a layer of axle grease on his body. All of this is true.

On This Day OTD in 1947 was Ted Danson. He is famous for such roles as Sam Malone on Cheers and Helloboy in the film Helloboy.

On This Day 12.28.16

On This Day in 1832, Vice President John Calhoun, having serious disagreements with President Andrew Jackson over which one of them was “The Samantha of the group,” resigned.
On This Day in 1869, chewing gum was invented by Dr. William Semple, a dentist in Mt. Vernon, OH. In a transparent attempt to drum up business, Dr. Semples original recipe called for 1.8 pounds of sugar and a full dram of carbolic acid in each piece.
On This Day in 1922, Stan Lee was born, thus popularizing the word “Excelsior!” forever more.

On This Day 12.27.16

Born On This Day in 1773 was the “Father of Aviation” George Cayley. He was named as such when he gave physical birth to an early prototype of the 747.

On This Day in 1904, J. M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan premiered in London. The show revealed the secret history of Peter Pan, including his famous duel at Weehawken against Aaron Hook.

On This Day in 1947, the first episode of The Howdy Doody show aired, starting a long tradition of horror on network television.

On This Day 12.23.16

On This Day in 1783, George Washington resigned as commander of the US Army, with no inkling that he would be drafted to president 6 years later. Seriously, it was like the beginning of all heist movie sequels.

On This Day in 1888, part of Vincent Van Gogh’s left ear was cut off because he just really wanted to get a good look at it

Because the 90s needed to exist properly, EDDIE VEDDER was born on this day in 1964.

On This Day 12.22.16

On This Day in 1775, the continental fleet was organized by the American Colonies under the command of Esek Hopkins, who would go on to star in such classics as Silence of the Lambs and Thor: The Dark World.

On This Day in 1877, the American Bicycling Journal was first published. It included a 25 page article on Chain Theory and a recipe for Gear Soufflé.

On This Day in 1882, Edward Johnson, an associate of Thomas Edison, created the first string of Christmas Tree Lights. Since they could not be used to electrocute elephants, Edison wasn’t interested.

On This Day 12.21.16

Today is the Winter Solstice. Legend has it that a mushroomed up Tolkien stared at a Winter Solstice sun for 12 long hours before dictating the entirety of the Silmarillion.

On This Day in 1913, the first crossword puzzle was printed in a NY newspaper. It had just 342 clues, and has been solved only once.

On This Day in 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered. It was the first animated feature-length film with sound, color and some seriously creepy next-level shit going on.

On This Day in 1948, Samuel L Jackson was born, thank god.

On This Day 12.20.16

On This Day in 1803, the Louisana purchase was finalized. We purchased it from the French, so you KNOW Thomas Jefferson was involved.

On This Day in 1918, the name “Canadian National Railways” was authorized. One hour after, 45 children were born, all named Canadian National Railways. Coincidence? No such thing.

On This Day in 1820, Missouri imposed a $1 tax on bachelors, mostly due to the smell.

On This Day 12.19.16

On This Day in 1871, Mark Twain received a patent for suspenders, which sounds made up.

On This Day in 1917, The NHL began its first professional season, with just four teams. It was a short season, with 80 standard games, and a 12 game playoff.

On This Day in 1958, the first known radio broadcast into outer space was transmitted when President Eisenhower did a Bob Hope impression into a random microphone at NASA.

On This Day 12.16.16

On This Day in 1773, The Boston Tea party took place, forever popularizing cosplay in America.

On This Day in 1851, Hiram W. Hayden patented a machine to make brass kettles, forever ending that “pot calling the kettle black” thing.

On This Day in 1901, Beatrix Potter’s The Tale Of Peter Rabbit was first published. It originally had strong S&M themes, and had to be tamed WAY down.

On This Day in 2001, Students’ Satellite Starshine-2 deployed to search the cosmos for weed and pizza money.