On This Day 2.3.17

Born On This Day in 1821 was Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to earn an MD degree in the U.S. She fought against slavery, sexisim and ignorance. She was a fucking badass.

On This Day in 1831: U.S. copyright law began protecting music after excessive pirating of Hall and Oates wax cylinders.

On This Day in 2017 was my final day at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I left some creamer in the fridge if you want to use it.


On This Day 2.2.17

It’s groundhog day! Today Bill Murray yearly relives the 24 hours roughly 12,395 times, leading to the otherworldly air and wisdom.

On This Day in 1913, Grand Central Terminal, the great train station of New York City, opened. Over 150,000 people and 1,000,000 rats visited on opening day.

On This Day in 1914, Charlie Chaplin made his film debut in Mr. Mom, starring opposite Michael Keaton.