On This Day 7.10.18

Born ON THIS DAY in 1509 was note tiger enthusiast John Calvin. Mr. Calvin’s hobbies included crafting elaborate snow monster based tableaus, peeing on various automotive logos, and pondering the true nature of God and religion.

Born ON THIS DAY in 1834 was painter James McNeill Whistler, who originated that famous quote, “ You know how to whistle, don’t you? You just put your lips together and sue your critics because they called you a coxcomb.”

Born ON THIS DAY in 1839 was Adolphus Busch. He co-founded a small brewery with fellow immigrant Eberhard Anheuser.

Born ON THIS DAY in 1871 was novelist Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust, best known for taking FOREVER to eat a cookie.

Born ON THIS DAY in 1905 was Mildred Wirt Benson, who wrote the Nancy Drew Mystery books under the name Carolyn Keen, and just wanted to have ALL the names.

Born ON THIS DAY in 1921 was Giacobbe “Jake” LaMotta, best known for punching people, stand-up comedy, and looking like Robert De Niro.

Hang on. Is Robert De Niro’s middle name De? I looked it up, and there’s a space there, so I think his middle name is De. Huh. Well, my life is different now, awesome.

ON THIS DAY in 1938, Howard Hughes set a new record by completing a 91-hour airplane flight around the world. During the flight, Hughes requested and ate 275 packets of honey roasted peanuts, 12 cans of ginger ale and watched the movie Safe House, starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington, 48 times.

ON THIS DAY in 1941, Jazz Musician Jelly Roll Morton left us. By decree of the Grand Council of Jelly Rolls, Jelly Roll Morton was called back to his planet, Jelly Roll IV, to complete his service to the crown. To accomplish this, of course, he had to shed his mortal form here on earth, as the Jellied Slip-stream that would return him to his home planet is unfriendly to person-flesh. Jelly Roll Morton went on to complete his service and now has retired on the expensive goo-fields of Jelly Roll XI, with his husband and 4 lil’ zingers.


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