On This Day 7.11.18

Born ON THIS DAY in 1274 was Robert The Bruce, King of Scotland, who didn’t understand how names work.
ON THIS DAY in 1804, United States Vice President Aaron Burr (sir) fatally shot… Wait For It… Alexander Hamilton in a duel.
Born ON THIS DAY in 1838 was noted merchant John Wanamaker, who made and sold Wanas to a grateful populace.
ON THIS DAY in 1859, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens was published. Little known fact, the two titular cities, never expressly identified in the book, were Chicago, and wherever Holden Caulfield was from. Was is Chicago? Hm. Shit.
ON THIS DAY in 1864, Confederate General Jubal Early’s army reached Frederick, Maryland. They stayed at a very nice bed and breakfast over the three day weekend and had a breathtaking amount of sex with each other. When the cold light of Monday streamed through the drapes of their stately room, the future became crystallized for all of them. Without a word, they dressed and with warm, but sad smiles, they all parted as friends.
Born ON THIS DAY in 1897 was Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor. Connor is most well known for his lengthy service under Judge Harold T Stone in his overnight courtroom for the years of 1984 – 1992. He also served briefly as the bodyguard of Maxwell MacNeille during his struggles against The Skullmaster.

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