On This Day 7.19.18

On this day in 1553, Lady Jane Grey was replaced by Mary I of England as Queen of England, after having the title for only nine days. She wasn’t able to accomplish much during her short reign, but she DID develop the superior tea with Grey in the name. Don’t @ me.
Born on this day in 1865 was Charles Horace Mayo, a surgeon who insisted that, instead of soap and water, that cleansing one’s hands with Mayonnaise was a much safer way of operating. Turns out, he was right, but the surgical assistants couldn’t get past the squish noises.
On this day in 1939, fiberglass sutures were first used by Dr. Roy Scholz in St. Louis, Missouri. He found that, when drawn through the mayonnaise layer of the procedure, they cut back drastically on the squish noises.
Born on this day in 1962 was actor Anthony Edwards, best known for his role as Dr. Mark Greene, Who Is Always Covered In Goddamn Mayonnaise on the hit show, ER. FUN FACT: The character was always meant to crossover with the other hit show FRIENDS, with Mark sharing the same last name as Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Greene, Who Is Always Covered In Goddamn Mayonnaise.
On this day in 2004, Don Gorske of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin ate his 20,000th Big Mac at the local McDonalds. He had already made the Guinness World Records book for eating Big Macs before March of the same year, but that motherfucker just LOVED Big Macs. Loved them. And bangs. Boy oh boy does this dude love his bangs.

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