On This Day 1.12.17

On This Day in 1773, the first public museum in America, the Charleston Museum, opened. It was a museum dedicated exclusively to dudes named Charles.

Born On This Day in 1930 was Tim Horton, purveyor of the best donuts and coffee on the fucking planet. O, and also he played hockey.

On This Day in 1966, Batman made its television debut, exposing Bruce Wayne’s filthy secrets once and for all.


On This Day 1.11.17

On This Day in 1757, Alexander Hamilton was born. You may have heard of him.
On This Day in 1878, Milk was delivered in glass bottles for the first. Due to the belief that bovine milk was poisonous, it was mainly Dog Milk.
On This Day in 1935, Pioneer aviatrix Amelia Earhart became the first woman to pilot solo from Hawaii to Mainland USA. Aviatrix. So badass.

On This Day 1.9.17

On This Day in 1793, the first successful U.S. balloon flight was completed in Philadelphia, PA, by Jean Pierre Blanchard. I misread this as Balloon FIGHT and am now terribly disappointed.

Knowing that, someday, Phish would take a break, Dave Matthews was born On This Day in 1967.

On This Day in 1996, NBA’s Toronto Raptors became the first team to miss all free throw attempts in a game, which I’m being told is bad.

On This Day 1.6.17

On This Day in 1759, George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis. He was the original Bridezilla.

On This Day in 1838, S.F.B. Morse demonstrated his completed telegraph at the speedwell iron works. He demonstrated it to one drunk janitor and a dog. The dog left halfway through.

On This Day in 1942, The first around-the-world commercial flight was completed by Pan American Airways. They showed the film “Hitch” 137 times.

On This Day 1.3.16

On This Day in 1863, the first covered skating rink in Canada opened. It was covered in ranch and sautéed onions. It was delicious.

On This Day in 1985, Soprano Leontyne Price made her farewell appearance at New York’s Metropolitan Opera. She would go on to pursue a lucratively successful career in MMA.

On This Day in 1992, The Miss Canada Pageant was canceled due to costs and pageants being gross.

On This Day 12.29.16

On This Day in 1919, the American Meteorological Society was founded in St Louis, Missouri. It is the first known gathering of Star Trek fans or “Trekists.”

On This Day in 1930, Fred Newton became the first and only person to swim the length of the Mississippi River. Seriously. It took roughly six months to cover the 1,826 miles from Minnesota to New Orleans. He was in the water for 742 hours. He was protected from the cold water by a layer of axle grease on his body. All of this is true.

On This Day OTD in 1947 was Ted Danson. He is famous for such roles as Sam Malone on Cheers and Helloboy in the film Helloboy.

On This Day 12.28.16

On This Day in 1832, Vice President John Calhoun, having serious disagreements with President Andrew Jackson over which one of them was “The Samantha of the group,” resigned.
On This Day in 1869, chewing gum was invented by Dr. William Semple, a dentist in Mt. Vernon, OH. In a transparent attempt to drum up business, Dr. Semples original recipe called for 1.8 pounds of sugar and a full dram of carbolic acid in each piece.
On This Day in 1922, Stan Lee was born, thus popularizing the word “Excelsior!” forever more.

On This Day 12.27.16

Born On This Day in 1773 was the “Father of Aviation” George Cayley. He was named as such when he gave physical birth to an early prototype of the 747.

On This Day in 1904, J. M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan premiered in London. The show revealed the secret history of Peter Pan, including his famous duel at Weehawken against Aaron Hook.

On This Day in 1947, the first episode of The Howdy Doody show aired, starting a long tradition of horror on network television.